The Racketclub now has an ideal trainingtool which could be used in small spaces and perfect for tennisclubs during events, tournaments and training.

The "Tennis tutor club" is a tool which:

  • easy to install (see video)
  • every ball could be set at the same speed and height
  • solid
  • low budget (€ 275,- ) !

Especially this trainingstool is special compared to other "training-walls" because of the flexibility of the offered ball for the players and the compact form of the tool (easy to set aside) and the tool is very low budget. Because the Tennis Tutor Club always offer the same ball again and again, no matter which level player hit the ball, all kind of tennis players could easily use the tool together without any problem. This makes it the perfect tool for children playing together with always the right ball to hit, many children enjoy this tool for many hours by hitting the ball and run around the tool ("around the world") till one hit wrong. They play with the tool and train their tennis strokes.

Choose for a demo: DEMO

More information: Tennis tutor Club